AgfaPhoto Mobile MicroSDHC™ + MicroSDXC™ Prof. High Speed (CL10 / UHS-1 U3)

Ultra-fast for your Action Cam / Smartphone

Particularly suitable for recording 4K videos with action cams & high-end smartphones.

Memory capacity: 128GB, 64GB and 32GB


  • Very high performance and exceptional reliability
  • Top quality thanks to top NAND flash chips and controllers
  • Ultra High Speed data transfer, up to 100MB/sec reading speed and up to 90MB/sec writing Speed / UHS Speed Class “U3”
  • up to 100.000 read/write cycles
  • 5 years warranty
Lupus Code GTIN Product Write/Read Class PU
10610 4250255103155 AgfaPhoto Mobile MicroSDHC 16GB C10 UHS-1 45MB / 95MB Class 10 / U3 5
10611 4250255103162 AgfaPhoto Mobile MicroSDHC 32GB C10 UHS-1 90MB / 95MB Class 10 / U3 5
10612 4250255103179 AgfaPhoto Mobile MicroSDXC 64GB C10 UHS-1 90MB / 95MB Class 10 / U3 5
10613 4250255103186 AgfaPhoto Mobile MicroSDXC 128GB C10 UHS-1 70MB / 100MB Class 10 / U3 /V30/A1 5
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