AgfaPhoto Flash Drives

USB is one of the most popular interface between Computers and Peripherals. They allow you to easily transfer or store music files , images or computer files. Toshiba USB are pocket-sized and lightweight. Toshiba offers a high-performance USB flash drive products designed with a wide variety of features, capacities, and capabilities.

AgfaPhoto USB Flash Drive 2.0
High performance – Flexible use: The classic USB flash drive. Ideal for the simple transportation of data and images.
AgfaPhoto USB Flash Drive 3.0
The latest generation of USB sticks with the fast USB 3.0 standard. Particularly suitable for extremely fast transfer of high data volumes.
AgfaPhoto 2in1 USB Flash Drive 2.0 (USB & MicroUSB)
The USB flash drive for your mobile devices. Connects Smartphone, Tablet and PC.
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